8 Fresh MBA Dissertation Topics In Strategic Management

Undoubtedly, the first phase of the dissertation writing process is to choose a subject. Moreover, if you are a student who is currently majoring in strategic management, you are very fortunate for there is a broad array of options to pick form. Essentially, it matters to ponder on those ideas which seem challenging and engrossing; however, be reminded that your subject should be concentrated and could lead to new results.

Take in mind that the following guidelines shall aid you choose a solid one:

If you are still searching for the latest MBA dissertation topics in your strategic management course, you can check out the following ideas:

  1. Discuss strategy implementation in the field of construction
  2. The Performance of International Business Teams within Transnational Firms: The Evaluation of an Intervening Process Model
  3. The Assessment of Threats and Opportunities in Technology: An Introduction to Technology Forecasting
  4. Discuss Family Enterprises in the Service Industry
  5. The Approaches in which Investment Decisions Considerably Affect the Firm’s Overall Corporate Strategy
  6. How to come up with a solid decision despite financial crisis?
  7. Discuss the strategic factors that greatly influence businesses’ transition
  8. In what manner does knowledge management help enhance the service industry?

It is worthy of note that students are required to gather information, analyze the data collected and formulate conclusions. Due to these reasons, it is imperative to take into consideration the importance of being able to complete your dissertation with the necessary materials you have.

It is natural for students not to have clear idea of how and what MBA dissertation should look like particularly if it is their first time to work on such writing project. For this reason, it helps a lot to check out some strategic management dissertation samples so to have some hints and deeper understanding of what and how to get started with your own writing task. You can research some examples on some credible educational websites before working on your school project.

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