Vital things to know while writing your dissertation

A dissertation is a piece of academic writing that you are expected to submit at the end of your final year in a particular academic course. Dissertation requires the equal amount of research and handwork as does a thesis. Students must be well informed about the topic that they are assigned. In the literature review of their dissertation they must present an analytical overview of their work and their dissertation. Every step has to be recorded and documented in the dissertation. There is really no short cut to finishing a dissertation. One has to take the hard path, do their extensive reading, gather sources and finally collate the matter in the form of a dissertation. If you this is the first time you are attempting to write a dissertation, here are some vital things you must know.


The structure of the dissertation is the most integral part of the assignment. Unless you are able to properly structure your work your research will seem very abstract and will impress no one. The first thing that you must learn as a beginner is the structure in which you should plan the material of your dissertation. Unless your university gives you a specific structure to follow, this is the general pattern that is widely accepted.

Title: this should be the first chapter of your dissertation. It will include the topic of your dissertation along with your name and the name of your university and supervisor.

Abstract: this chapter should include a brief summary of the whole project.

Contents: this is an index of sorts that should have the name of all the chapters along with the page numbers.

Background: there must be a reason why you thought this topic was fit for your research, explain it in this section.

Literature review: the most extensive section of your dissertation. This is an analytical explanation of your whole dissertation, the methodology, important concepts, data, etc.

Data analysis: this is optional for dissertations that require some form of data analysis. Here you take all the figures you have obtained and derive an analysis.

Discussion, bibliography and appendices.

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After doing the dissertation, there are things you must check. First would be the facts, make sure that you double check them. Run your dissertation through a plagiarism checker to avoid getting a fail grade for copying things from sources. Also proof read your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Also, don’t forget to extensively cite your sources in the bibliography. Check out this service for tips on methodology of research and organization of material.

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