The Difference Between A Reliable Dissertation Writing Service And Scams

You may want to hire a dissertation writing service instead of completing your academic assignment alone. However, you’ll benefit from this option only if you deal with a professional and reliable agency. If you hire a scam service, everything will go wrong and you won’t receive a paper that you expect. Not to spend your money in vain, you should learn how to distinguish a competent company from scammers.

Characteristics of a Reliable and Competent Service

  1. Well-designed website.
  2. Professional companies always have web resources that resemble the quality of their services. Their websites are good looking, informative, and functional. Scammers, on the other hand, have websites that look much cheaper. If an online resource doesn’t make a good impression on you, search for another agency. Use this resource or another website of the same quality as golden standard.

  3. Day-and-night customer support.
  4. A competent service should maintain excellent customer support twenty-four hours a day. Their staff should provide you with clear answers on all your questions. If customer support responds with a delay and gives vague explanations, a company is likely to be administered by scammers or amateurs.

  5. Competent writers.
  6. An agency should have evidence that their writers are well-educated and experienced. They should provide you with the background of their employees on your request. Scam services try to avoid doing this because they don’t have any professionals in their staff and they don’t want you to learn about this before you make an order.

  7. Firm guarantees.
  8. A company should give official assurances that if you become their customer, you’ll receive services of the highest quality. They should also guarantee to complete your order in time and maintain complete confidentiality. Scammers don’t provide assurances so that they don’t have to return your money if they deliver poor services.

  9. Happy customers.
  10. A thesis writing company that respects their clients should have plenty of positive feedback. Open a search engine and look for customer reviews about the services of an agency. Competent and trustworthy cheap dissertation companies will mostly get grateful testimonials, unlike scammers.

Defending Your Dissertation

Even if you’ve paid a third party to write your paper, you still have to defend it on your own. Examine the text of your dissertation carefully to create a slide presentation and compose a speech. Practice your speech regularly in front of a mirror and your friends to feel more confident during your actual defense. Prepare to answer questions that your committee members may ask you during and after your presentation.

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