How To Find Unique Dissertation Topics Related To Public Health

In today’s world where children can get bacterial diseases simply playing in dirt, and the new Zika virus is plaguing the world, there is no shortage of dissertation topics in the public health arena. And finding new research paper, essay ideas, and dissertation focuses is really quite easy—if you know a few tricks.

Dissertation Abstracts International – Keyword “Public Health”

You can search dissertation abstracts, a database at every graduate school library, for endless ideas and angels for approaching a study or paper on public health. Simply search through the endless array of hits on public health to see how other doctoral and master’s students have approached the topic. You could even narrow the topic further by adding another keyword to refine your search even further—perhaps one from the angle you are contemplating. This is always a good idea when approaching a dissertation, because you do not want to pick a commonplace topic. For example, if there are already plenty of dissertations on “Public Health Crisis: Ebola in North America” you might want to strategize a new topic.

Dissertation Ideas Via Google

Lots of universities today post sites titled “Recent Dissertation Topics in Public Health” and these are some pretty prestigious universities too. You can see studies of HIV and circumcision topics, or mobility and breast cancer before and after diagnosis—a study of how sedentary life might contribute to breast cancer diagnosis. Often these kind of university-based we sites list topics going back five to ten years, giving you plenty of topics and ideas to review.

Consult Your Library Stacks and Databases for Dissertations of Recent Public Health PhDs at Your School

Graduate school libraries have two copies of each student’s dissertation bound in leather—one the student gets to keep and one the school keeps for students like you that want to peruse what has already been pursued for topics and to look at a sample dissertation. Both are smart ideas. You can find a dissertation that was written by a student at your school, in your Public Health school department, and which committee members they chose (and students in the know always choose wisely), and then create templates or copy pages as sample formatting guides, as formatting for dissertations is always somewhat unusual. Why? Because of the binding- the left margins are always two inches or more!

Planning Tricks

Editing Tricks

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