How to create a winning doctoral thesis title page in 5 minutes?

This short tutorial letter introduces drafting and/or mind mapping exercises for senior academics who are preparing to deliver their final papers which will be included in an extensive portfolio of work to complete their studies at university level. It serves mainly as a motivational note to help senior academics loosen themselves up for the more strenuous work that still lies ahead.

For most of the students, the doctoral thesis represents that final milestone towards leaving university with the highest qualification possible and going on to further their careers in their chosen field at a senior level. Some of those men and women will be thankfully staying behind to continue with academic teaching and research, thus helping the next generation to advance their studies.

It depends on what the specialized field of study or chosen subject is. The doctoral thesis title page can be prepared in some ways. In essence, the final title page will only be revealed right at the end of the project and during the final delivery of the body of work to the supervisor of the doctoral project. It and the main body of work are the culmination of extensive work carried out over many months and even a few years.

The title page, however, can be prepared initially as a draft, or the first of many (evolutionary) drafts, during periods when doctoral students are inclined towards less taxing work or taking time out to think about their project away from their desks, say during a walk in the park. Back at their desks, all that is required is their complete application of collected thoughts and the rough sheets of paper to which these early inspirational musings can be transferred.

An analytical process and planning process informs this first title page. To be sure, much thought is given to the wording of the keywords on this single page. For instance, the title will always be prominent, and a striking title that is original should be sought. On a separate sheet, a mind mapping exercises experimenting with several optional titles can be processed. And on yet another sheet, a checklist needs to be prepared.

This rough sheet will contain the standard introductory criteria of title, thesis statement (in brief), author and main sources (in brief). Depending on the subject, a very short substantiation or motivation can be included.

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